Diabetic Supply Sales Guide

Extra Diabetic Test Strips Can Make You Cash


Most diabetics experience exactly the identical situation we're about to talk about. They end up with many added boxes of test strips they don't require. This occurs for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you must try unique brands and meters until it's possible to find one which works best for you. Perhaps you're analyzing fewer times every day. There's also the scenario in which a loved one has passed, and you've got lots of unused boxes.


Whatever the reason it sounds foolish and inefficient to just throw perfectly fine boxes in the garbage. Alternatively, you can earn some cash by sell your test strips.


Is This Legal?


Diabetic test strips can be bought by anybody with no prescription from a physician. That is right; you do not even need to be a diabetic.


There's one instance where you can not market your test strips even it they're yours. Diabetic test strips which were offered to you through Medicare or Medicaid can't be sold. This could be breaking the law so please don't even attempt to sell them.


What Evaluation Strips Could I Sell?


Ok so let's get to the great stuff on the way it is possible to earn a little additional cash by sell diabetic test strips.


First and foremost the containers have to be factory sealed. That Essentially indicate that you haven't yet opened them. Secondly, ensure the test strips aren't expired yet. You shouldn't sell expired test strips. If you'd like to use the expired strips that is your own choice. Additionally to offer your test strips that they need to have an expiration date 90 days or more from today. You may also read further at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_sugar.


The State of the boxes also dictates if you can sell them and how much you can buy. Boxes which are dented and ripped won't bring the same cash as ones in brand new condition.


If there is a prescription label attached to the box, then don't attempt to get rid of it. It's still possible to sell the boxes. Should you are feeling uneasy with your private info on the tag simply cross it out with a mark. Buyers have learned the best way to eliminate these labels without ticking the boxes. So don't worry your individual information won't be dispersed around.


There are two types of diabetic test strip boxes on the marketplace: Retail and mail order. The sole distinction is that the color and/or fashion of those boxes. Both retail and mail order have the same test strips from the box. 1 way to spot the mail purchase boxes is that you may see a few messages around the box such as "not for retail sale", "mail order just" etc. , however, you're still able to sell them but not from of a retail outlet.